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    Yum Yum! (part two)

    Sunday, April 17, 2011

    (Yum Yum! (part one) can be seen here.)

    Today marked a momentous occasion. Lucy had her first solid food. At six months and 2+ weeks old she had her first taste of some yummy organic brown rice cereal.

    The meal tonight

    Before we started in on the messy stuff, she and her big brother posed for a photo in her (once his) highchair.

    Little Sister and Big Brother

    She didn't love the cereal and she didn't hate it. The benefit of being the parents of two children now is that we come to these kinds of experiences with a certain knowledge and experience that we didn't have the first time around. When we tried to feed Benjamin the first time we plopped him down on Mike's lap around mealtime and expected him to take to the new way of eating easily. We were shocked when the experience turned into more of a tearfest than anything worth capturing on film. He was so hungry and so wary of the spoon that he cried and cried and nothing really got down his throat, but rather ended up all over Daddy who was trying to hang onto the squirmer. This time around we made sure that Lucy was happy and mostly fed from her bottle before we even mixed any cereal with formula. The result was a much happier baby.

    Lucy's First Food

    Lucy's First Food

    Lucy's First Food