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    Halloween and Things

    Wednesday, October 26, 2011

    My Grandma said she'd be checking in here to see what we're up to for Halloween and so I figured I better get something up here!! (Hi Grandma!)  Two weekends ago we made our yearly trip to our favorite local orchard/pumpkin patch. Lucy had her very first "caramel apple" (she really didn't get any caramel - Benjamin ate all of that!). And we all enjoyed the petting zoo animals. The weather has definitely taken a turn toward winter these past couple of days, so it was good we did our orchard visiting while the weather was still pretty mild.

      Bright blue fall sky Benjamin feeding the goats Lucy and Benjamin at the orchard Benjamin and his caramel apple Lucy looooves her apple  

    We have a number of Halloween-ey events ahead of us and we're all so excited to throw on our costumes and have fun! Thursday night we are hosting Mike's running club for another Halloween-themed run and after party (we did this last year, too). The garage is already decked out with spooky creatures and cobwebs!! Friday night we are going to the first ever Haunted Hallways, which promises to be a fun event in downtown Rochester. On Saturday the kids will be dropped off at Grandma Chris and Grandpa Ed's house for their annual HallZOOween celebration at the Minnesota Zoo. Then, of course, we will be Trick-or-Treating around our neighborhood on Monday night.  Halloween is definitely my favorite holiday.  I can't wait!!

    Autumn Happenings

    Tuesday, October 11, 2011

    We celebrated Lucy's first birthday with our families this weekend. It was a great day! She opened up all of her presents and dug right into her cake like a pro.

      Lucy on her new riding toy Lucy playing with her new toys Lucy enjoying her cake

    The theme of her party was pumpkins and I had fun making pumpkin-y decorations and the cake.  I ordered her personalized pumpkin dress from Etsy.com.  Unfortunately I didn't get any very good photos of her in it.  

    Our Little Pumpkin is now such a big girl!

    Birthday Cake

    The following day we left the kids in the care of their Uncle Dan and Auntie Katie while Mike and I took to the roads of Mankato, Minnesota for a bike ride. We opted for the 42 mile route which had us riding up and down some pretty steep hills and along windy country roads. It was luckily a very beautiful (albeit windy) day. We had a great time!

    Mankato Bike Ramble Start/Finish

    First Birthday

    Tuesday, October 04, 2011

    Lucy's First Birthday Cupcake  

    Lucy is now ONE! Unbelievable. Her birthday party is going to be this weekend, but the four of us celebrated on the actual day - 10/1 - with cupcakes and some presents. She obviously has no idea how special the day is, but we had fun celebrating with her.

      Lucy enjoying her first cupcake Opening her presents Playing with her new dollhouse