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    The Great Labor Debate

    Tuesday, May 31, 2005

    Some predictions for when the baby will arrive (if you would like to add a prediction, email us at jehcekah@myway.com!):

    Grandma A 6/15
    Jen Schmitt 6/17
    Lola 6/17
    Great Grandma Murphy 6/18
    Aunt Mary 6/18
    Cooter 6/18
    Lora Spencer 6/18
    Mommy 6/19
    Uncle Terry 6/19
    Carrie Jordan 6/20
    Dan Schmitt 6/20
    Uncle Scott 6/20
    Grandpa A 6/21
    Dr. Irungu 6/21
    Grandpa S 6/21
    Uncle Steve 6/21
    Erin Cooper 6/22 - early am
    Aunt Clarice 6/22
    Jeanne Bayola 6/22
    Tina Borris 6/23
    Dr. Kermott 6/24
    Grandma S 6/24
    Aunt Loretta 6/24
    Lisa Packer 6/24
    Sandy W. 6/25
    Karen Pereira 6/25
    Daddy 6/25
    Kristen and Jamie 6/26
    Aunt Agnes 6/26

    Patti Miller 6/27
    Uncle Mark 6/27
    Samantha Wagner 6/27
    Aunt Monica 6/27

    Jen Skalsky 6/28
    Aunt Cookie 6/28
    Karen Williams 6/28
    Stephanie Murphy 6/29
    Dawn Herber 6/29
    Sharon Knauf 6/30
    Laura Olson 7/4
    Angela Thomas 7/5

    Graduation Day!

    Wednesday, May 25, 2005

    Mike and I can officially be parents now!!! We graduated from our six-week prenatal class last night! The classes were very insightful and we learned a lot. We are very much looking forward to getting to the things we learned about now. We are only 4 weeks away from our due date!

    My parents are visiting and we will also be going to our second baby shower this weekend. Unfortunately it sounds like the weather isn't going to be that great! However, we are looking forward to relaxing and spending time with family on this holiday weekend.

    Jedi Knight

    Friday, May 20, 2005

    The baby and I (and Mike, of course) stayed up until 3:00am to see Star Wars: Episode III Wednesday night. This baby is definitely a boy...he must have been using the umbilical cord as a lightsaber during the movie because he was very active through the whole thing!! My little Obi-Wan Kenobi!!

    Monday, May 09, 2005

    Just wanted to quickly do an update with a link to the newest pictures of our adorable nephew, Alexander...check them out...he's growing so quickly!!

    New Pictures of Alexander

    Baby Shower!

    We had our first baby shower on Saturday this weekend! We had such a great time seeing our family and friends! The baby got some wonderful gifts, too! My mom has posted some pictures from the event on her yahoo site:

    Baby Schmitt Shower Photos

    Grandma Murphy flew in from Florida just for the shower and so we were able to spend some time with her this weekend, too! For our anniversary, my parents took us to see a very funny play called, Polish Joke, which was about Polish-Americans. It was like watching my Dad's family on stage! Very funny!!

    Thanks to everyone for such a great weekend!!

    Baby Boy Schmitt at 32 weeks

    Thursday, May 05, 2005

    We had a "freebie ultrasound" because I participated in a medical study being done by a resident here at Mayo. Here are the pictures from the ultrasound:

    All of our photos are located on Webshots, you can view them at any of the links here:

    Familie Schmitt Photo Album
    Europe Album 1
    Europe Album 2
    Europe Album 3
    Wedding/Honeymoon Photos


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