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    Christmas, Part One

    Wednesday, December 27, 2006

    The Schmitts on Christmas
    Merry Christmas everybody! We survived our Christmas trip to Illinois and are back home now enjoying all of our wonderful presents!

    We drove down Friday night and spent Saturday with Grandma and Grandpa Andrews. We visited Brookfield Zoo for Holiday Magic and had a great time. Great Grandma Murphy flew in on Sunday and Benjamin really had fun hanging out with her. We spent hours opening up all of our presents on Christmas morning and the Coopers, Murphys, and Williamses all came over that afternoon. It was great to see all of my family. We really loved being able to share some great laughs with them as well.

    I have added all of our photos to our flickr site, so please check them out. We have our next Christmas celebration with the Schmitt clan later this week and we can't wait! It has been a wonderful Christmas for us all!!


    Wednesday, December 06, 2006

    I know, I know, it has been a while. Our Christmas preparations are taking up much of our free time! I just wanted to give an update though (since Mom asked...).

    We had a very nice Thanksgiving at the Schmitt house with nearly the whole family (Katie and Jennifer both were at home for the holiday). Benjamin really enjoyed his Thanksgiving food, even for leftovers! Mike, Joe and Dan ran an 8k race the morning of the holiday and had a blast doing it! Luckily the weather was pretty nice. That weekend we also visited the Minnesota History Center for a Baseball in America exhibit with Bert and Dan and were excited to find that the museum is fantastic! Andy met us out at a kids playzone near where he lives and he also accompanied us to a trip to the mall to see Santa. Benjamin isn't currently a big Santa fan. He cried as soon as he got closer than 4 feet away.

    I celebrated my birthday on the 19th with a visit to the Minnesota Science Museum's Body Works exhibit and a very very nice dinner at Heartland Restaurant in St. Paul. We were lucky to have Grandma and Grandpa Andrews in town to hang out with Benjamin while we celebrated. Shortly before my birthday I found out that I was awarded a scholarship from the University of Minnesota, where I am studying for my masters degree in Adult Education, so that was a nice birthday treat for me!!

    Mike is busy preparing his training schedule for Boston and also is teaching a running class at the Running Room, a localish running store that offers clinics. He is teaching the "How to Run a 5K" class and is really enjoying it. We are all off this Friday and will be traveling up for a visit to see Joe, Jen and AJ, for which we are very excited!

    Benjamin is enjoying himself in daycare in the toddler room. We have begun to notice that some part of his transition has had a positive effect on his language because in the last week he has begun picking up so many words and is really becoming quite the smarty pants. Just today he began FINALLY saying the name of his most favorite character in the whole world, Elmo. He also absolutely adores animals and can tell us what noises many of them make.

    We are all so excited for Christmas, which will be spent in Illinois this year. Our tree went up the weekend after Thanksgiving without too much incident. Benjamin likes to look at it, but doesn't really get into it too much...yet.

    We hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving and wish you all good luck in your Christmas shopping!!!