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    Big Brother-to-be

    Tuesday, August 31, 2010

    Doing some painting for his baby sister

    In the interest of making a smooth transition for Benjamin's new role as a big brother, I took him to Color Me Mine to paint something for his baby sister's nursery. The choice was difficult, but he finally settled on an adorable cupcake container. He did a great job of painting it and we are excited to pick up the finished product this weekend.

    We have quite the comedian in our house lately and here are some samplings of his wit:

    While watching the Emmys Sunday night, Benjamin said in a very matter-of-fact tone, "Wait, aren't there people coming over to watch this with us?!?" (in reference to the fact that we usually throw an Oscars party every year)

    Due to allergies, Benjamin has been rubbing his eyes a lot. I've told him to stop hundreds of times, but he always says that he can't help it. Today I told him, "Well, okay - but then you have to suffer with the pain." He said, "If I have pain, I need a sleep number bed."

    Cousins Weekend

    Monday, August 16, 2010

    We had the privilege of hosting our two nephews, AJ and John, this weekend while their parents were away having fun at a concert in Chicago. We had all kinds of plans for fun things to do with them, which were unfortunately thwarted because John woke up sick Saturday morning. We were able to squeeze in some fun time when he did start to feel better though. We lunched at our favorite restaurant, visited the "really fun park," spent some time watching bits of Star Wars, had a visit from Uncle Andy and Auntie Jennifer, saw the animals at Oxbow Park/Zollman Zoo and had loads of fun playing around the house. It was a fun cousins weekend!

    Lunch at Whistle Binkies

    Cousins race


    Tuesday, August 10, 2010

    The baby's room is nearly done. I suspect we are about 95% done with it and the only things left are very minor additions for decoration and finishing the crib skirt. You can read more about my inspiration here, but my main goals for the room were to give it a light, airy feeling and to not fill it with theme-y clutter. I have to say that I am very much in love with this room and can say with certainty that it has filled every goal of mine. I really hope our baby girl loves it as much as we do.

    Now for the details:

    I made the mobile from the Ten Photo Mobile at Target. The "ornaments" were made out of some girly cardstock that I found at Hobby Lobby. I got the idea for the ornaments from here.

    The crib sheet was purchased from Carousel Designs, which is (in my opinion) the best baby bedding site around. I bought all of Benjamin's bedding from there and really couldn't be happier with the company. The crib skirt is homemade and the fabric (Amy Butler Fresh Ivory Poppies) is from the Cracker Jack Shack. The crib is a hand-me-down from my parents and was not only the crib Benjamin slept in, but also his Momma!

    This artwork is something very much treasured by myself and Mike because it was purchased while we were living in England. It is a print of a painting of one of our favorite spots in Winchester, where we lived. The painting kind of served as inspiration for the room's colors and bicycle-related items. The other wall hanging in the room with the aqua bicycles came from Hobby Lobby waaaay back when we first found out we were pregnant and even before we knew what we were having. I spray painted it aqua to match the crib sheet.

    The items on the shelves are just a rag-tag collection of miscellaneous baby things that will likely change as we get closer to her birth. The one thing on the shelves that was purchased specifically for the room is the "Keep Calm and Ride On" card. I do plan on painting the frame or buying one that matches the room better - someday. The shelves are from IKEA.

    I purchased the birds from Target, but since they only came in black I had to diy them a bit. I spray painted them ivory, which worked sort of okay. They just rest on push pins, so they're very easy to hang, which was nice.

    So that's it. The nursery is done and now you all can enjoy it!

    Baby Makenna

    Monday, August 09, 2010

    Proud Godmom

    Erin and Dennis welcomed their newest family member, Makenna Geralyn, to the world on July 8th. We traveled to Milwaukee this weekend to celebrate her baptism and for me to officially become her Godmother. It was a beautiful ceremony and we had a great time visiting with family at the event and the dinner afterward.

    The next day Erin took us to the Wisconsin State Fair where we checked out the animals, indulged in some delicious food and were able to spend some quality time with her and the girls. It was a great day and a finish to a great weekend!