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    Week Twenty Eight

    Friday, April 22, 2011

    Week 28

    Where are weeks 26 and 27 you ask?
    No idea.

    Soooooo anywayyyyyy - week 28 is here!
    Lucy started solid foods this weekend (as I posted earlier) and she is really enjoying her daily bowl of brown rice cereal. We are all busy preparing for Easter weekend around here. Mike's brother, Joe, and his family are coming for the weekend and then a bunch of the other Schmitts are coming on Sunday for an Easter meal.

    In the past two weeks we've had to repair Mike's car, our furnace and now our garage door has gone kaput. We're looking to replace it next week, but for now we're doin' it old school by manually lifting and closing the door. It is a mostly solid wood door, so it has been a fun way to work in a little strength training everyday! Otherwise all is well and we are hoping for some spring-like weather finally for the holiday weekend.