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    Snow Angel

    Monday, January 11, 2010

    Snow Fort Fun - Benjamin making a snow angel

    For at least a while this weekend we came up past sub-zero temperatures, so we were finally able to enjoy all of that snow we have. Joe, Jen, the boys, Andy and Jennifer all came down for the weekend and it was fun to have visitors. Sunday morning most of us bundled up enough to enjoy some sunshine and snow. Joe and the boys built a huge snow fort in the backyard and we adults had some fun throwing around snowballs.

    The boys spent a lot of time inside playing, too. Here is a video of Benjamin making John laugh.

    Beginning a new year

    Saturday, January 02, 2010

    Christmas is over, the new year is here.

    In looking back at our 2009 Photo Collection, I realized that we've had quite the busy year. Early in 2009 Mike took a "plunge," we celebrated the weddings of Andy & Jennifer and Erin & Dennis, my Mom and I traveled to Hawaii for Kelly & Mike's wedding, Mike competed in his first triathlon, we both raced in the Amuzing Race again, Benjamin turned 4, started at a new school and trick-or-treated as a robot for Halloween. And of course, most importantly, we took a family roadtrip.

    The three of us have had the past week off of work and school and it is hard to believe we only have one day left of our vacation. I have a big week coming up at work this next week. I am coordinating a research symposium on Wednesday that I have been working on for about a year. Mike has many races scheduled for the year already and we've been throwing around ideas for at least one big vacation. Hopefully 2010 is a wonderful year for us -- and for all of you!!