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    Never a dull moment

    Friday, May 01, 2009

    People have warned me about having a little boy...little did I know!

    Today at his preschool, Benjamin decided to go the extra mile with the "GOO" they created. His teachers suspect that when they told the kids to "NOT try putting it in their hair," Benjamin heard "PUT IT IN YOUR HAIR." The result:

    When his teacher called me she actually said, "In all my years of teaching preschool, I have never seen anything like this!" That did not prepare me for what I saw when I picked him up. In the photos it looks wet and drippy, but it was actually more solid and completely stuck to his hair. The only choice we had was to take him to a salon and have them wash it out or cut it out, whichever worked. Lucky for him, washing it out came with very successful results and his hair was saved. He was very brave and good during the washing, which he said was very painful. The salon was wonderful and totally saved me the possibility of having him hate me for the rest of his life!

    The end result: a smiling, happy almost 4 year old with a new haircut. PHEW!

    Facial gashings at weddings, falling off piers, goo covered scalp...WHAT IS NEXT?!?