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    Family Fun Night and our PBS Kids adventures

    Wednesday, May 06, 2009

    Phew! What a day yesterday was!! Mike and I hosted a table for the Rochester Track Club at Family Fun Night, which is an event sponsored by Rochester's Childcare Resource and Referral and is open to all families with young children.

    They ask that all exhibitors provide some kind of activity or giveaway for the kids, so we did a long jump competition, which was pretty popular. I'd say about 50-70 kids did the jump. We gave out prizes for the top 3-8 jumpers in half hour increments. Benjamin was with us at the event and he even helped show the kids how to do the jump. However, we were inconveniently located just across the aisle from a certain group in town that has a person in a large kangaroo costume as their mascot. He is deathly afraid of costumed characters so between the kangaroo across the aisle and the panda bear performing with the Teddy Bear band next to us, he was doomed. He spent a lot of time hiding under the table.

    At the beginning of the event we had a celebrity visit our table!

    "Miss Rosa" from PBS kids - if you have children, you probably know who she is - stopped by our table, tried to talk to Benjamin (who was scared of her as well) and even tried out our long jump! She is adorable! Mike had to leave early to go to his triathlon clinic, so Benjamin and I manned the table alone for the last hour. More and more kids tried out the jump and we gave out medals. It was a lot of work, but a really fun experience. We are already talking about what we are going to do differently next year!