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    Wednesday, May 20, 2009

    Okay, okay - I get it. Obviously most of you out there call out "Slugbug" when you see a VW Beetle, so I concede. However, I'm going to continue to play "Punchbug" with Benjamin when I see one. Mike is concerned that he's going to come home with a black eye (or eyes) someday from a friend (or friends) when he tries to fight with them over what it should be called. There's nothing wrong with being different, is there? But on the other hand, I will not stand by and let Mike teach him to play "Duck, Duck, Greyduck" because even here in the land-of-crazy-words, kids are beginning to see the light (or lifer Minnesotans are slowly being overrun by transplants from WI, IL and IA) and now more of them are playing "Duck, Duck, Goose."

    Our recent weekend was a pleasant one spent at home for a change. We have been having some really wacky weather here lately though. Saturday morning while Benjamin and Mike were at the Farmer's Market, I was working on one of my landscaping projects in the backyard and it was around 47 degrees with a strong wind. I wore a sweatshirt, light jacket, jeans and my work gloves to keep my hands warm. Yesterday the high here in Rochester reached 94 degrees. Needless to say we were all wearing shorts and t-shirts and LOTS of sunscreen! Benjamin hasn't really adjusted to the up and down temperatures and was very confused when on Saturday he was wearing a jacket and on Monday he could wear shorts.

    We spent much of the weekend hanging out at our house and running errands. We stopped by Lowe's at one point and picked out floor tiles for the new upstairs bathroom floor. We are beginning the installation tonight, I am very excited. I promise to take some before/after photos. Saturday night we were able to get together with our neighbors, who also happened to be at home this weekend, for dinner. We also broke into our favorite summertime traditions finally and ate outside at Whistle Binkies by the Lake where Benjamin could once again play in the sand volleyball courts with his sand toys. We waited all winter to be able to do that again!

    This holiday weekend is a busy one for us. We are really looking forward to the Med City Marathon morning where we have made it a tradition to be out on the streets to cheer for everyone running the races. We are planning to go all out this time because the feedback we got from the runners last year was that we created a great boost for them at just the right point in their races!

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