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    Dose of relaxation

    Monday, May 04, 2009

    Mike and I escaped to a bed and breakfast this weekend to celebrate our seventh wedding anniversary. We stayed at the Escape by the Lake B&B in Hudson, Wisconsin.

    We knew it wasn't a standard bed and breakfast before arriving, but were a little dismayed to see exactly how different it was. For starters, the guest rooms were not separated from the innkeeper's quarters, so upon entering the home, you walk through their living spaces to enter your room. Also, the room which we picked (The Garden View Room) had a sliding glass door that led out into a sun room, which we were not told was shared by the other guests. It was a little awkward. But the room itself was very very nice and the whirlpool tub was a treat! The breakfast was delicious and the views of the lake were stunning. We had so much fun wandering around Hudson and just spending time together. We had dinner on Saturday night at San Pedro Cafe where we had delicious food. On Sunday after our breakfast, we check out of the B&B and drove out to the Willow River State Park where we did about a 3 mile hike to and from the waterfall there.

    It was a gorgeous day and gave us an opportunity to play around with my camera a bit. I still haven't figured out how to photograph waterfalls, but we tried. After working up an appetite hiking, we went back into town for a casual lunch at Barker's. On our way back to Mom and Dad's, we also stopped off at a favorite of ours, Town Hall Brewery, which unfortunately like the rest of this state, follows Puritan-like liquor laws that include not selling alcohol on Sundays. We have a growler to take one of their draft brews home, but just like liquor stores in this place, they don't fill them on the Lord's day. Argh. So we just had a pint...or two, instead.

    Mom and Dad, who had Benjamin all weekend, were relaxing out on their deck overlooking the lake when we arrived. Apparently spending time with an almost four year old is tiring for them!?!? Anyway, they were pooped. We all were. We ate dinner, watched some tv and headed off to bed. The three of us headed back to Rochester early Monday morning.

    Our actual anniversary is today. Mike is at work and I spent most of the day blowing out and sucking up leaves in the yard. I also re-mulched the landscaping in the front of the house, but didn't buy enough so will have to make another trip back to the store. Isn't that how it always goes??