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    Yes, we ALL run.

    Wednesday, June 04, 2008

    Soon Familie Schmitt is going to have to invest in a trophy case for all of our running achievements. Benjamin just added to the collection last night by getting a third place ribbon in his age group at the Rochester Track Club All Comers Track Meet. Kids run varying distances in groups of age brackets. Benjamin's group ran 50 meters. He was so excited! He warmed up with Daddy by running along the track before the race. Everytime Mike would stop, he'd get upset and say "NO! I want to RUN!!!!"
    Benjamin's New Running Shoes

    It was a big change from last year, when he'd just plant his feet at the start and look around at all of the other runners without ever taking a step. He has 5 more chances to work up to a first place finish and I am sure he will be putting in some extra training on the side now to get to his goal.