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    Another All Comers - another second place ribbon!

    Wednesday, June 25, 2008

    We followed our usual Tuesday evening routine yesterday by attending the All Comers Track Meet down at Soldiers Field. There was something different about this time though, we had special guests! Grandma Chris and Grandpa Ed drove down from their new abode to attend along with us. It is so wonderful to have them close and for them to be able to drive down for the evening to see Benjamin doing something so special! I know we are looking forward to many more visits from them on weekends and to see either just Benjamin or the both of us on their days off of work!!

    Benjamin received another second place ribbon in the 50 meters race, but this was his last week in that age group. Next week he will be running with the three year olds, which is a much more competitive crowd! But no worries, it is all about having fun, right? We tried something new last night and had Benjamin do the long jump, which he loved so much! He also ran the 100 meters again, which definitely isn't his race - by the time we get to his age group in that one, he's so pooped that he has no energy left to run! However, he always runs it with a smile on his face!!!

    I suppose I can share our big news now - no, no, it isn't THAT! :-P Benjamin is officially out of diapers (except for nights) and is wearing big boy underpants now!! Maybe I shouldn't say this so I don't jinx it - or maybe I should at least knock on wood - but it is going really well! You fellow parents out there know that this is one of the most difficult stages to go through with a child, especially boys, so I won't pretend that it is a walk in the park. However, Benjamin is really doing quite well and we couldn't be happier. Ask me next week and I might have a totally different answer for you!!