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    Happy Birthday Weekend

    Sunday, June 29, 2008

    Benjamin's birthday weekend has come and gone and left three tired Schmitts behind! The weekend actually began on Thursday with a birthday celebration at Benjamin's daycare. Mike and I brought fruit snacks for all of the kids in his "multi-agers" room. The kids and teachers all helped to sing "Happy Birthday" twice to him and everyone enjoyed their snack.

    We continued the fun times on Friday (his actual birthday) with breakfast in bed for Benjamin. Since he was half asleep, he was a bit out of it for a while, but seemed to enjoy the adventure of drinking milk and eating toast in bed! Later that night, despite threatening bad weather, we traveled out to the Rochesterfest parade with our neighbors, the Posts.

    Eric, Sidney and Reese met us there and all of the kids had a great time catching candy and watching the parade.

    Saturday was a busy day with getting ready for the party, but we managed to pull everything together without any problem. Our guests began arriving at 3pm for the circus-themed party. We decorated the house with clowns and other circus-ey things and also had a mini-carnival in the basement for the kids. We made a "knock the cans" game, had bozo buckets and a pin-the-nose-on-the-clown game. It was chaos, but the kids had so much fun!

    I have to mention Benjamin's cake because it was a labor of love for me. I not only spent time decorating it following the circus theme, but I also had to make an eggless recipe because of Benjamin's allergies. I think it turned out great and everyone said that it tasted good, thankfully!! Benjamin opened his presents with some help from his friends and was so excited to receive so many awesome things! It was so great that everyone was able to come to his party, especially some out of town family, including Aunt Mary, Roland and Cicely (who are now living back in the US). We all had such a wonderful weekend and we have many pictures to document everything on our flickr webpage. Now we have a short vacation to look forward to over the fourth of July holiday. I'm sure we will be back to blog about that soon!