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    Benjamin Schmitt, track star

    Wednesday, June 18, 2008

    We attended another meet in the series of All Comers Track Meets for kids last night. This time our neighbors and good friends, Katie and Ethan, came along for the fun. Ethan and Benjamin ran together in their age group 50 meter and 100 meter races. Benjamin came in second place in the 50 meter, which is a step up from the third place he got last time. He had never run in the 100 meter before and it was quite funny really. He was so distracted because there was too much time to look around and watch everyone. Also, Ethan was running toward the back with Mike and so Benjamin kept turning around to see where they were. He has such a great time doing these races, it is so wonderful to see. He was all smiles while running, something that makes his Mom and Dad very proud!!