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    Weeks Fifteen and Sixteen

    Monday, January 24, 2011

    The past week was full of sickness and strife in the home of Familie Schmitt. All four of us dealt with the nasty Norovirus in one way or another. Benjamin was the worst hit and still isn't back to 100% even today. Even Lucy's daycare family was hit hard. Both Mike and I split our time at home with both kids or just one child or no kids from day to day. We seem to have pulled through this bout fairly unscathed, thankfully. However, my weekly photos of Lucy and my blogging have faltered just a bit. I was late in taking her Week 15 photo, but it turned out to be okay because I knew I wanted to wait until Sunday to get her Week 16 photo. Afterall, Sunday was a big day for us (more on that later).

    Week 15

    I picked up Lucy's hat at the place where Benjamin gets his haircut: Little Dudes N' Divas Salon. It is handmade by a local woman who sells all kinds of cute little baby hats. I think it is so adorable.

    Week 16

    Sunday was a big day. The four of us were staying at Grandma and Grandpa Andrews's house and so were able to watch the big game together. It is a fierce rivalry for us when the Bears play the Packers, but this game held more importance than any other in the past 70 years. Luckily for us, the Packers pulled through and are headed to the Super Bowl! Lucy is wearing Benjamin's 6-9 month Packers outfit. It is a bit big on her and her father wasn't too excited about how it made her look like a boy, but it did the trick. In two weeks when they face the Steelers, I will make sure to throw a bow on her head or something.