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    Week Fourteen

    Sunday, January 09, 2011

    Week 14 + special guest star cousin Albert

    Week Fourteen? How could that be true??

    The special guest star in the photo is Lucy and Benjamin's new baby cousin Albert. It is amazing to think that someday Albert will be the same size as Lucy or will likely be even bigger than her. AJ and Benjamin are the same amount of time apart in age as Lucy and Albert. I only hope that these two newbies will have as much fun as the old guys!

    We took Benjamin and Lucy to a portrait studio today to get their first sibling photos done. Of course, Benjamin was a big ham and even threw out some Zoolander-esqe poses. The photos we received are great. I used my camera to capture them so I could share them here. Click on the small version to see the full-sized photos.

    Sibling picsSibling picsSibling picsSibling pics