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    Moving forward

    Tuesday, January 04, 2011

    This is a big week for all of us. Benjamin returns to school after his holiday break, Mike returns to work after having 19 days off, I return to work after 14 weeks off and Lucy starts going to her new daycare. I am also now full-time at work after loving a part-time schedule for just over 3 years. Life moves forward.

    We celebrated Christmas with the Schmitt side of the family this past weekend. We also rang in the New Year with friends. The holiday season is officially over and I plan to get the Christmas decorations down sometime this week.

    Mike is already planning his 2011 racing schedule. The big finale will be the New York City Marathon in November. He is registered, we booked our flights and reserved the hotel. It will be our first trip away without children since we went to Hawaii in 2008. Don't worry, we're still holding true to our philosophy about exposing our children to travel. We'll be taking a family vacation sometime this summer. The destination is still undecided (but will most likely involve mountains!).

    We're expecting our newest nephew to be born any day now. He is Andy and Jennifer's first child and we are very excited to meet him.

    I'm still planning on keeping up with my weekly Lucy photos, but with all of our adventures this weekend and this week, I am a little behind. Look for a new photo on this blog very soon.