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    Run run run!

    Wednesday, June 16, 2010

    Just found out his official time: 2:44:35

    We certainly have a had a busy few past days of running, biking and swimming! Mike completed the Trinona Olympic triathlon on Sunday in Winona. He bested his time from Kansas City by 20 minutes. It was a nice day to watch the race and the rain even held out for me, Benjamin and Mike's parents. Mike's next race is on Father's Day. He is going to do the sprint distance of the Rochesterfest Triathlon where his brother Joe (doing the Olympic) will be joining him.

    Benjamin running 400 meters

    This week also marked the start of the Rochester Track Club's All Comers' Track Meets for kids. Benjamin has been running these races since the summer he turned 2 and it is always an exciting thing for all of us to watch him. He was able to compete in 5 events on Tuesday night, including the 800 meters, which is 2 laps around the track (1/2 mile). He was terribly tired when he finished, but he ran the whole thing without stopping. He even received a second place ribbon in the 100 meters, which looks like it will be his event this summer. We are looking forward to his Grandma Chris and Grandpa Ed watching him race next week and his cousins AJ and John running right along with him the week after that!!

    Benjamin's summer school program begins today. Mike and I went with him to an open house last night so he could see his classroom and meet some of the teachers. It is mostly staffed by college-aged kids who seem very energetic and passionate about providing the kids with lots of fun activities this summer. He was extremely excited to get there this morning. The school where the program is held is very close to our house. So this morning for drop-off, Mike and Benjamin RAN the 1 mile there. Seems like my guys are running machines lately!!