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    The Earth Goes Around the Sun, Tra la la.

    Wednesday, June 09, 2010

    In anticipation of Benjamin's upcoming fifth birthday, his classroom at school held a little celebration for him yesterday. Montessori schools celebrate birthdays with a "sun ceremony." The idea behind the ceremony is to have the children conceptualize how many years they've been alive by walking the earth around the sun for each year. We provided Benjamin's teacher with a little tidbit about something exciting that happened along with a photo for each year, which he read aloud and displayed for the children. As you can see in the video, Benjamin carried a small globe around the beautiful sun and year display that each child uses for their birthdays as well. Since his birthday is one of the last in his class, he has seen almost every child in his classroom do their own sun ceremonies and has been very patient waiting for his own. When his teacher contacted us about scheduling Benjamin's special day, Benjamin started getting VERY excited. He had a little trouble containing his excitement on the way to school on the day of the event when he was giddily clapping in the car.

    Here are a couple of videos of the day:

    These are the milestones we provided for his teacher to read:
    0-1 year: When Benjamin was just days old, we had a picnic at Quarry Hill Nature Center (where he is having his birthday party this year). At 8 months old we all went to Clearwater, Florida to visit his Great Grandmother, Great Uncle and Great Aunt.
    1-2 years: At 19 months old, we all flew to England to celebrate his Daddy's birthday and a couple of months later we traveled to Boston, Massachusetts to watch his Daddy run the Boston Marathon.
    2-3 years: For Halloween, Benjamin dressed up as a cowboy and at Christmas we rode the Polar Express Train.
    3-4 years: When he was 3, Benjamin was the ring bearer in his Uncle's wedding.
    4-5 years: Just after his 4th birthday, we all took a road trip to Colorado and later in the year Benjamin ran in his first race.

    What an exciting first five years!!

    One Response to “The Earth Goes Around the Sun, Tra la la.”

    AJ said...

    He was the cutest ring bearer ever!