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    A grand old weekend

    Tuesday, June 08, 2010

    This weekend we celebrated our Godson's second birthday with family and friends. John is one very awesome boy. He is so fun to watch while he toddles around the house with such curiosity. It is hard to believe that he is already two, as it seems like just yesterday we were driving up to see him in the hospital after his birth. We gave him a basket full of outdoor toys since he's a big fan of playing outside and a very appropriate outfit for his personality that says "Born Wild."

    Cool dude in his new shades

    After the party all of the Schmitt siblings and kids went over to Andy and Jennifer's place for some play time and Thai food. It had been a while since we were all able to hang out together, so it was great to spend some quality time with everyone. Mike, Benjamin and I spent the night there and then on Sunday morning we ventured out to the Grand Old Day festival in St. Paul, which is very close to their house. The weather was gorgeous and perfect for walking around. We were disappointed though because in order to see any of the musical acts, you had to be 21 or older. They didn't allow children into the stage areas at all. For an event that tries to market itself as a family event, it sure didn't feel much like one. Mike and I had been excited to see a band we really like, Free Energy, but we couldn't even get in to see them with Benjamin (who also really enjoys their music). Eventually we gave up and decided to leave because the entire event seemed to quickly begin to resemble a college frat party - not our taste. We were able to catch the last few floats in the big parade, but Benjamin was not a fan of the fire engine sirens:

    Apparently the fire engines were too loud

    This weekend we are off to our old stomping grounds, Winona, for the Trinona Triathlon. Mike is doing the Olympic length course, which involves a bike ride up Garvin Heights (Winona's infamous bluff overlook). He's been practicing the climb and is ready to conquer the bluff!