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    No reason to change out of your pajamas

    Tuesday, January 27, 2009

    I think the title says it all. We spent the majority of this weekend holed up in our house in our pajamas and bath robes. Sad as that may be, it sure did feel good! All of us have had some form of a cold over the course of the past week and all weekend, so it was good to have the time to recover.

    We did manage to shower and get dressed Saturday night though for a big night out. Our neighbors, Katie and Jason, invited us out to dinner for Katie's birthday.

    They had a babysitter come over to their house so Ethan and Benjamin could play together and the four of us enjoyed a nice adult dinner at a new restaurant in town, Twigs. It was an awesome meal and a very fun night out! I think that the two little guys had a good time as well watching movies and running around like crazy men!

    I guess we also did get dressed on Sunday because miracle of miracles, we ventured out to a store and bought a new kitchen/dining room table!! For those of you who have not been to our house in the last year or so, you may not be familiar with the deathtrap we currently are using as a table in our kitchen. Mike bought the table approximately 9 years ago when he moved into our old apartment. It was from Montgomery Ward (yep, remember that good old store!?) and the chairs never really were all that stable (that's an understatement). We are so very excited for the delivery on Wednesday!

    I just have to comment on what a grown-up little boy we have at our house lately. Benjamin is constantly impressing us with his language, personality and the things he's able to do at this age. Most notably is his quick adjustment to being completely potty-trained. I have to give him all the credit on this one! The whole process went so fast, it seems. Of course it is one of those things that you can look back on and remember as being easy (kind of like childbirth) but really going through it there were some tough spots. Most specifically peeing in a toy aisle at Shopko on day 1. But once he "got it," he luckily has never looked back. In fact sometime right after Christmas, he asked to stop wearing pull-ups to bed. HE asked. So every morning since then, without fail he has woken up with a dry pair of underpants. Of course, he still is excited about his ability, so he askes us every morning to "feel his pants," something that outrightly scared his Uncle Andy on a recent visit! He just thrives on his ability to do something all by himself. We picked up a videogame system for him when we returned a duplicate Christmas present and it is awesome to see him playing his games like a pro. I remember really struggling with our Atari system at the age of probably 10 and here is my 3 year old operating a joystick to make Spiderman swing from his webs. I can't even imagine what he'll be able to do when he's 10.

    We also have been noticing that sometimes listening to him or looking at his expressions are like reflections in a mirror for us. The little facial ticks he has when he's telling a story are beginning to look more and more like exactly what we must look like. He also hears EVERYTHING. If he is in the same room when we are having a conversation from anything as simple as what we did today at work or something as serious as his bad behavior, he hears it...and remembers. We really have to be on our toes. A couple of days ago he told me that I was "driving him crazy!" No doubt something I've said in reference to someone while talking to Mike. He's growing up so fast and I know that some big occasions are just right around the corner for him, like his first day of school, which I know will be exciting and also sad for us. But the more I see of this little gentleman, the more I know that he is so completely and utterly capable of not only succeeding on his own without us but also will most certainly excel at anything he does!

    Yet another funny from him...
    Benjamin: I really like pancakes.
    Grandpa Ed: These pancakes are the best!
    Benjamin: ...forget the rest!

    One Response to “No reason to change out of your pajamas”

    Unknown said...

    I saw on your 25 things that you had a blog, so hope you don't mind me reading. How awesome for Benjamin to be completely potty trained. It's funny how they decide something like that on their own. It was the same with Jack, one weekend he decided he wanted to go on the potty after months of me trying to get him to go. Katie said you guys had an awesome birthday dinner. I really miss Rochester (even though I hated it for so long) 0so I thought it was funny on your 25 things how you hated it and now you are loving it.
    I am finally organizing pictures I took of Jack the last 3 years and I found one of his 2nd birthday at school and all the kids are in birthday hats. I'll try to scan it in and email to you..benjamin is cute in his hat. Our scanner program and our computer don't get along :)
    I have a blog to so check it out sometime..I just use it to document things instead of a journal for the kids. Nothing fancy! Jenna