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    Mr. and Mrs. Andy and Jennifer Schmitt

    Wednesday, January 21, 2009

    The last of the Schmitt brothers has tied the knot. Andy and Jennifer were married on Saturday in Cottage Grove. Mike was a groomsman and Benjamin was the ring bearer, which he was very honored to be. He just loved his tuxedo! When we went to pick the tuxes up, he danced in front of the mirrors singing. Many of you have probably seen the video of his walk down the aisle over at Mom and Dad's blog, but in case you haven't, you can see it here: Ringbearer Video Basically what happened was that Jennifer told Benjamin that when it was his turn to go, he was going to be the leader and she would follow him. Well, he thought that meant that she'd be coming behind him right away, so he kept looking back to see if she was coming. As soon as he heard people laughing, the little ham decided to keep up his routine the whole way down the aisle. It took him a while, but he eventually got there!

    Here is a video of Andy and Jennifer making their vows. You can hear Benjamin in the background trying to talk to me, I really tried to get him to stay quiet, but he IS three afterall!

    The reception was at the Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter in Stillwater. We ate German food, drank German beers and enjoyed the tasty cakes I made for the occasion. There was a slight pirate theme to the whole wedding and so the bride and groom requested not only a tiered wedding cake (my first attempt), but also a treasure chest cake.

    It was hours and hours of work, but I think the treasure chest turned out great! It is a french vanilla cake with chai tea buttercream covered in white fondant that I painted to look like wood. Everything on the cake is edible, I made the jewelry, coins and map out of fondant. The other cake was tiers of french vanilla and german chocolate with vanilla buttercream, just what the couple wanted. I brought it up from Rochester in pieces and constructed it and decorated it the night before the wedding. I drove them to the reception location early in the morning on Saturday with a bunch of knots in my stomach, afraid that they'd fall over or something equally as destructive would happen. Luckily they both make it there in one piece!

    After all of that wedding excitement, Mike and I had a chance to sleep in on Sunday and we actually met up with the honeymooners for lunch before they drove off to their honeymoon spot. Then we drove out to Mound to spend the rest of the weekend and all day Monday at Mom and Dad's. This should be our last weekend of driving up to the twin cities for a while, so maybe now we can actually have people drive to Rochester to see us!

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    Schmitt Family said...

    Awesome pictures and your cake was SOOOOOOO good! We will be driving down to see you in a few weeks!!