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    Christmas, part II

    Tuesday, January 06, 2009

    The entire Schmitt clan gathered at Cindy and Bert's house for our Christmas celebration on New Years Day. The big kids participated in a mystery gift game where we all passed around these crazy wrapped presents as Bert read us a story full of the words "left" and "right." The presents were passed around and at the end of the story we were able to keep the one we ended up with. Mike scored a cookbook and I got a bunch of miscellaneous foods.

    For the rest of the day we did our annual "sixer mixer," Aunt Alice came over, we opened presents and had a nice meal. The house sure is filling up with people on these occasions! Benjamin and AJ enjoyed opening all of their presents. All of the adults exchanged names this year for our gift exchange. Mike and I bought presents for Jen and Katie, Jen had my name and Andy had Mike's. We received some really great gifts!

    The next day we relaxed with Cindy who had the day off and then went over to Joe and Jen's house for an overnight visit. The boys ran around like madmen and Mike and I were able to snuggle with our Godson, John.

    Jen and I snuck out for some shopping while Mike watched all three boys by himself. He really enjoyed spending quality time with all of them and it was great that Jen and I were able to have some girly time too!! We spent the rest of the weekend at Cindy and Bert's and even had a chance to go out to an awesome sushi dinner by ourselves Saturday night. We headed home on Sunday once again to a quiet house and now all of us are back to our routines. It won't last for long though, as we have a very exciting event approaching: Andy and Jennifer's wedding. This coming weekend are the bachelor/bachelorette parties and the wedding is on the 17th. Not sure if I mentioned this before here, but I am making their wedding cakes. I already did a practice round for one and am very exciting to show off my decorating skills!!

    On the running front, Mike is in the midst of starting some serious events soon. He is doing the St. Paul Winter Carnival Half Marathon on the 26th and then the planning will finally come together for the Lace Up Against Breast Cancer Half Marathon, which he is helping to plan. For that event he is also participating in the Rochester Winterfest Trifecta. On February 14 he will run up 26 stories of a building for the Cabin Fever Stair Climb and will jump into a lake for the Polar Bear Plunge followed up by the Lace Up Half Marathon on the morning of February 15. Crazy huh?? All of the events benefit charities and all are great causes. If you're interested in sponsoring Mike, email him! We are both also planning for a couple of major running events for this spring. Mike is planning on running the Colorado Marathon on May 3 and I am planning to signup for the Madison Half Marathon which is May 24. Let the training commence!