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    Thursday, November 01, 2007

    Ready to Trick-or-Treat!
    Originally uploaded by Familie Schmitt.
    I think Benjamin's sugar-high has finally subsided and his candy stash is well hidden!

    Halloween was a blast this year!! The day started with a party at Benjamin's daycare in his Multi-Age room. Most of the parents were there and all of the kids had their costumes on. The kids had decorated cookies earlier in the day and they were able to share them with us at the party. We went to The Olsons's for trick-or-treating with Benjamin's buds, Sidney and Reese. Our little cowboy really enjoyed going from house to house to get "MORE CANDY!!!" He never really got the whole "Trick or treat" saying down.
    Instead of that, when he'd get up to the door of the houses, he'd say "I want some candy!!" Then after he got his candy, he'd just stand at the door, probably waiting for more. The funny thing was, sometimes the people would give him more! Haha. Looks like he's got his technique down!

    This past weekend was quite a busy one for us. On Friday night I performed in a murder mystery fundraiser at the Plummer House mansion which was called Death by Chocolate. I played an anti-chocolate campainer called Hazel Nutt-Whirl. The entire play revolved around a chocolate theme and local restaurants donated chocolate cakes and candies. Participants were able to sample the chocolate and wines while wandering around the house attempting to gather clues to solve the murder. It was a lot of fun, but very exhausting! There are pictures on our flickr account.

    Saturday morning we drove down to Illinois for my Grandma's 80th Birthday bash. The party was at a very nice restaurant and it was fun to see everyone. Afterward, Mom and I joined a bunch of family at a casino where nearly everyone brought winnings home. The birthday girl won almost $1,500!!

    I also added some various pictures from the past couple of weeks onto our flickr account, including pumpkin carving, so check them out!