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    Tuesday, November 13, 2007

    The Mommys and boys at Macy's
    It is an annual tradition of ours to go to the Macy's Auditorium holiday display with Joe, Jen and AJ. We try to go the day it opens, as the lines into the event are usually much much shorter. Last year we had to wait until sometime in December because Benjamin was in the hospital the opening weekend, so we ended up waiting for over an hour to get in. We were much luckier (and healthier) this year! We only stood in line for about 15 minutes this time, it was great! This year's theme is The Nutcracker and the scenes were very neat. The boys are finally at an age where they are interested in these kinds of things and can atleast somewhat appreciate what Christmas is all about. The end of the walk through the displays is a visit with Santa Claus. We were all unsure of how the boys would react to the man in red this year. They both have been talking about sitting on Santa's lap and asking him for presents, but when put face-to-face with the guy, they might just break! Luckily, they were just a little freaked out, but we were able to get them close enough to take a couple of pictures (while sitting on Daddy's laps).

    The boys and Dads with Santa (they didn't want to sit on his lap)

    I think the experience calmed Benjamin a bit because he didn't want to leave Santa! Now he is talking about how excited he is for Santa to come to his house, haha.

    I recently finished up my 6 week Intermediate Cake Decorating class through Community Education. All of the students had to make a cake for our final class and decorate it in 2.5 hours. I decided to try my hand at a mini-wedding cake.

    I am happy with how it turned out, but since I was pretty limited on time and didn't want to spend a bagillion dollars on supplies, it wasn't exactly what I feel I am capable of. Now I'd like to take some more classes on some of the techniques that we only touched on.