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    Hot Chocolate in the Snow | Rochester Minnesota Portrait Photographer

    Tuesday, January 14, 2014

    Ahnna and Dodrick are the daughter and son-in-law of my good friend Carrie.  I used to work with Carrie when I came back from England to work at Mayo Clinic 10 years ago.  We worked in an office full of women and it came with both its pros and cons.  One of the pros was the amount of laughing we did on a daily basis thanks to Carrie's awesome sense of humor.  For as much as we complained about working there back then, I do miss seeing my friend everyday.

    When I asked for models to launch Momarazzi Photography's photo sessions, Carrie was quick to tell me that I needed to ask Ahnna and Dodrick.  I didn't hesitate and I am so lucky that they agreed to work with me because these are some of my favorite images.  We trekked out to Quarry Hill Nature Center in Rochester on a Saturday morning after a fresh couple of inches of snow had fallen the night before.  Cross country snow skiers and families visiting the nature center joined us in the wintery wonderland.  It was a beautiful day to photograph such gorgeous models.

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