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    Chilly Downtown Fun | Rochester Minnesota Family Photographer

    Wednesday, January 08, 2014

    I photographed the Becker family in some of my favorite locations in Rochester, Minnesota last weekend. It was right before the "polar vortex" made those historically low temperatures spread across the country. It was still quite chilly though (probably right around 20 degrees), but thankfully the sun was out and could keep us a bit warmer. William is just 7 months old and Callan is going to be 3 soon. I didn't want those little guys to freeze, so we did some of their family shots inside one of the skyways over downtown Rochester.  The light in the skyway was great for photography, I'm going to have to keep that in mind for the future.  They also braved the cold outside on Historic Third Street and on the steps of Old City Hall. Jen was a student in my "Momarazzi Photography" course through Rochester Community Education this past fall. I loved having her in my class and it was so great to meet the rest of her family for these photos!

    Shameless plug:
    I am offering the Momarazzi Photography course again this April and registration is open!

    Now, onto the photos: