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    A playdate and a roadtrip

    Tuesday, January 24, 2012

    We were so lucky to have Aunt Jennifer bring down Albert for a playdate with Lucy Saturday morning. They had a great time together, checking out all of Lucy's toys, while Jennifer and I chatted.
    Playdate with Albert and Lucy Playdate with Albert and Lucy Lucy and Aunt Jennifer
    Mike, Benjamin and I had a Jenga tournament this weekend. We played the game every night from Friday to Sunday and in the end it was declared that Benjamin was the champion. As his prize, he was able to do whatever he wanted to before school on Monday. As it turned out though, we had a snow day on Monday, so he was able to do whatever he wanted (play his Harry Potter Wii game with Mommy and have a pizza lunch) all day!
    Familie Schmitt Jenga Tournament Familie Schmitt Jenga Tournament
    On Sunday the four of us road tripped down to LaCrosse, Wisconsin for the day. We took the kids to the children's museum, which was fantastic. It was so nice that both of them could enjoy what the museum has to offer.
    Lucy at the LaCrosse Children's Museum Lucy "shopping at Kwik Trip" Benjamin the news anchor
    Benjamin even tried rock climbing for the first time.
    Benjamin Rock Climbing
    We capped the day off with a great lunch at Buzzard Billy's and a required stop at the People's Co-Op. It was an awesome weekend!