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    Thursday, January 19, 2012

    I let my blogging responsibility go, I know. It wasn't even because I didn't have anything interesting to post or any photos to post. I have no excuse. Sooo...going back a bit: We celebrated Christmas with my parents and Mike and I rang in the New Year thanks to our gracious babysitters. 
    Benjamin and Grandma checking out her calendar Lucy and Mike opening a gift Grandma and Grandpa opening a present Lucy and Grandma Christmas Dinner with crackers
    Our youngest nephew Albert celebrated his first birthday. 
    Albert enjoying his awesome cake
    And the kids and I have gone on a few outings this month, including a fun trip to the House of Bounce and a visit with my college friend, Samantha, and her two adorable little girls. I didn't get any pictures of the kids all together, but after our visit Benjamin, Lucy and I rode up to Garvin Heights to overlook Winona. 
    Benjamin playing air hockey Lucy at the House of Bounce Benjamin and Lucy collecting their Skee-Ball tickets Mommy and Lucy in Winona Winona from Garvin Heights Benjamin in Winona 
    The last time we were up on the bluff: 
    Benjamin on top of Winona at Garvin Heights