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    Twas the Week Before Christmas

    Tuesday, December 20, 2011

    Christmas anticipation is at an all time high in the Schmitt household this week. Benjamin keeps busy with changing the days on the advent calendars and with scouting out our elf every morning. His mischief making has increased and so has the fun. Here are some of his latest antics: 
    Elf on the Shelf - Day 8 Elf on the Shelf - Day 10 Elf on the Shelf - Day 12 Elf on the Shelf - Day 13 Elf on the Shelf - Day 14
    We only have a few more days left with Ormint and then he'll be flying off to the North Pole to help Santa for the rest of the year.  It will be sad to see him go.

    Benjamin's acting class session came to an end last Saturday with a special performance of Twas the Night Before Christmas.  Basically it was just a short little improv skit where the kids each had roles in the story as one of the teachers read it aloud on stage.  It lasted for 5 minutes, but Benjamin was so pleased to finally have a chance to perform a "play" on a real stage instead of our living room.  He regularly writes up scripts for Mike and I to perform with him, complete with costumes.  I signed him up for the next session of acting classes that begins in February.  He's very excited to do it again.  Here is a video of some of his performance (I apologize for the quality.  Somehow I forgot to grab my camera on the way out the door and all we had were our cell phones.  The sound is horrible so you'll have to turn the volume way up to hear anything...sorry!):

    Five more days.  It is hard to believe.  I only hope the next few days go by quickly!