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    The most wonderful time of the year

    Thursday, December 29, 2011

    Christmas was wonderful. We still have one more celebration left. On Christmas Eve Mike made our traditional mussels, which were delicious as always. The kids enjoyed their Mac and Cheese and before bed we put out some cookies, milk and carrots for Santa and Rudolph. I probably say this every single year, but I don't know who was more excited - us or Benjamin (Lucy is pretty much totally oblivious to the whole thing). I barely slept that night just from the sheer excitement of seeing their faces light up and hearing Benjamin exclaim "Santa came! Santa came!" And Christmas morning delivered. It was just as magical as I'd imagined. First we opened up our stockings:

    Benjamin and our stockings Opening stockings
    and then we all traveled downstairs to see the tree: 
    Only shot of the two kids I could get
    Lucy was feeling it:
      Santa is ready! 
     We opened our presents and tried them out: 
    Lucy and her shopping cart from Benjamin "Cooooool!"Harry Potter/Benjamin Lucy and her gift from Uncle Mark and Aunt Debbie Benjamin and Daddy's Mommy-Made Race Bib Holders Mommy's iPad! 
    (I got an iPad!!) 
     And then we packed up the car and headed up to the Schmitt celebration:
      AJ and BenjaminLucyPackers Popcorn for Grandpa! Jennifer and Albert Benjamin and Uncle Andy Lucy hanging out with her godparents Grandma and her calendar
    It was a busy, but great day.  Benjamin and Lucy had so much fun playing with their cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents.  Now we are looking forward to (we even restarted our Christmas countdowns) our next celebration with my parents...

    One Response to “The most wonderful time of the year”

    Unknown said...

    What a beautiful family you have! Your Christmas seems absolutely perfect : ) I love those sleepy-just-got-up smiles : )