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    One tooth less

    Monday, September 19, 2011

    First lost tooth!

    Benjamin has had his first loose tooth for about a month and has been so excited for it to finally fall out. He pulled and twisted it as much as he could lately, hoping it would come out. Yesterday while watching the Packers game at a restaurant in LaCrosse, he pulled it so much that it was hanging by a thread and causing him a lot of pain. Mom came to the rescue and although that tooth had made me so squeamish, I found the strength (not physical) to take him into the bathroom and yank it out once and for all. He was so pleased with himself and so excited to tell everyone about his tooth. Daddy wrapped it up and carefully placed it in his pocket. When we got home, we put it into an envelope and Benjamin placed it under his pillow at bedtime.

    This tooth fairy business has been bothering me since I knew we'd be soon playing the role. How do you sneak in their room at night? How do you pull out the hidden tooth without waking them up? How much money do we leave? This would be a good time for that parents' handbook that doesn't exist.  Daddy took this job thankfully and successfully sneaked into Benjamin's room at night to make the switch undetected.  Benjamin is a mover and shaker when he sleeps, so he had some trouble finding it in the morning, but was very happy to find "just one dollar??!"  Kids these days.