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    Six is stupendous

    Tuesday, June 28, 2011

    Cake time

    After his robot-themed birthday party last year, Benjamin immediately claimed that his next party was going to be Star Wars-themed. He stuck with that and so this weekend we threw him a Star Wars Sixth Birthday Party at our home. Benjamin and seven of his friends played musical chairs, battled during some kind of galactic pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey game and swung with all their might at the shining piƱata.

    I had so much fun gathering ideas for party favors and goodie bags. I also made an egg-free cake for Benjamin.

    Cake time

    There were many lightsaber duels with the homemade lightsabers that I threw together with materials from the Dollar Store. I think it was a great party and all of the kids seemed to have fun.

    Lightsaber duel

    On Monday we continued celebrating Benjamin's birthday with his traditional breakfast in bed. We've been doing this since he was three years old and has become a highlight for him.

    Breakfast in bed - a yearly tradition

    Tonight we have some special visitors coming to Rochester to watch Benjamin race with the SIX year olds at the All Comers Track Meet. He is very excited!

    4 Responses to “Six is stupendous”

    Frogs Mom said...

    Followed a link from your Odeedoh comment. I'm curious how you made the light sabers. And what a cute tradition of breakfast in bed. The series of pictures are adorable.

    Unknown said...

    For the lightsabers, I picked up rolls of metallic wrapping paper from the dollar store. They just happened to have red, green and yellow (though I also wanted blue). I left the wrapping paper on the rolls and added a small piece of aluminum foil to the bottom for the handle and also a couple of pieces of black tape. So easy!

    HappyMrsCope said...

    What is the actual 'stick' part of the light saber? fun party!

    Unknown said...

    They're rolls of metallic wrapping paper from the dollar store and I added aluminum foil and black tape at the bottom of the rolls for the handles.