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    Pomp and Circumstance

    Tuesday, June 14, 2011

    We now officially have a First Grader at our house. Benjamin's school held a special graduation ceremony for all Kindergarten through Six Grade students last week, which they call a "Ribbon Ceremony." Each child moves ahead into their new grade by crossing a bridge and receiving a special medal or bead tied onto ribbons. The children received one ribbon for every year that they have attended the school. Therefore, Benjamin had two ribbons. Each grade sat in chairs from their classroom and as they "graduated" to the next grade, they moved over to sit in chairs from their new classroom. It was very touching. Benjamin was so proud of himself. After the ceremony he showed both sets of Grandparents around both his new classroom and his old classroom. It was a very special day.

    graduation 027

    graduation 033

    Applauding their parents

    The graduate and his grandparents