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    We're sitting!

    Tuesday, May 03, 2011

    Lucy sitting and playing with her blocks

    Lucy has mastered the fine art of sitting up. It really didn't take her very long to fully get the hang of it. Early last week she could sit up for about 30 seconds or so at a time and we always had to be close at hand to catch her when she started to fall. By Friday she was sitting up full force for indefinite lengths of time. It seems like such a small feat, but in the scheme of things it is a huge development. Now she can sit and play with toys, interact more with us (especially Benjamin) and there is another option for her when she gets tired of the exersaucer or her highchair. I don't remember this feeling of new found freedom when Benjamin began to sit up, but I can compare it to when he began walking. You suddenly can accomplish so much more and it all comes to you so much easier than before they could walk on their own -- or in this case, sit up. However, of course this means that she's growing and getting older and becoming less and less of a dependent baby and we will miss this time.

    Sibling Love

    Here is a fun video of Lucy interacting with one of our favorite tv shows:

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    TripleChocolateCake said...


    Just too adorable. I love it! Man, time flies....