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    Week Twenty Three

    Thursday, March 17, 2011

    Week 23

    Time is just flying by. Lucy's six month birthday is not so far off and before we know it, Benjamin will be SIX! This week's Lucy photo is special to me because the blanket she is laying on was a gift from a dear friend of mine, Rae, who has been in my life since high school. She was so sweet to send this blankie that matches Lucy's nursery colors. It is one of the softest, snuggliest blankets Lucy has and is sure to be a favorite of hers.

    I made a big purchase last week - a new DSLR camera! I have finally jumped into the world I've been longing to join. Hopefully now all the time I have spent reading photography blogs and how-to websites will pay off. Now I have the equipment to take the photos I've been envying. My old Canon SX10 was an awesome awesome camera and surely introduced me to my new found love of photography, but now she has a new home and I've welcomed the Canon EOS Rebel T2i into my life. The kids are being really patient with all of my photo snapping as I get used to my new gear.

    Lucy and I made a little trip up to the Mall of America yesterday to meet up with my Mom, Bayola cousins from Hawaii and Great Aunt Arlene from Illinois. Lucy hadn't met them yet, so we showed her off.


    We will soon be able to see even more family from my side as the kids and I are taking a trip to Florida. Lucy will be able to meet her Uncle Mark and Aunt Debbie for the first time and both kids should be able to have some quality time with their Great Grandma! The warm temperatures and beach will just be a bonus to the trip.