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    Week Twenty Five

    Saturday, March 26, 2011

    Week 25

    This is Lucy's first pair of 3-6 month pajamas. She is slowly moving up into 6 month clothes, but they're still much too long in the legs and arms. When we change her diaper nightly in these pajamas, she usually has her legs all bent up with both in one pajama leg or both completely out of the legs in a big ball. I'm busy getting clothes ready for her (and all of us) to wear on our trip to Florida. Luckily we've been handed down some clothes that I can make work and I picked up a couple of things including a swimsuit. Hopefully we'll be all set soon as we leave on Wednesday! We are very excited and Benjamin has been counting down the days eagerly.

    You may have noticed that I have updated the layout of the blog. I am still changing some things around, but it is nearly there. One of the new features is the slideshow at the top which features some favorite photos and blog postings. I think it is pretty cool, but I have some ideas to make it even better.