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    Nursery Inspirations

    Wednesday, May 26, 2010

    People have begun to ask what our plans for the baby's nursery are, so I thought I'd share some of my inspirations and ideas here. First of all, we are planning a space that the little lady can grow into as she ages. Painting Benjamin's nursery a bright yellow and adding in nursery rhyme sayings and a big mural of Humpty Dumpty didn't carry him much beyond 2 years old when he moved into his new big boy twin bed, so I didn't want to make that mistake twice. We're going with a neutral creamy yellow for the walls with no plans for a mural at this time.

    Here are a few photos that can give you an idea of where I am going with the wall color (first photo) and the overall feel of the space:

    The look I am going for is one that is not overly feminine, but is also light and airy with the fabrics and brightness of the room. Whenever I try to describe what I want to Mike, he looks at me like I am insane, so hopefully that makes sense to you.

    I put together an inspiration board for the things that I am looking to include in the room. This includes the fabric I purchased for the crib bedding. The floral fabric is going to be the crib skirt and the aqua accent color is the color of the sheets. We purchased and assembled the nursery rocking chair already, but we are still waiting on a replacement slipcover (in the color shown here) since the zipper broke when we were trying to get it on the chair. I already picked up the lamp here at IKEA this weekend and am on a mission to find the mirror. I'd like to get the circular one here, but since I have yet to be able to find one exactly like this one anywhere, I may just end up going with one that is rectangular.

    I am still undecided on the curtains. Benjamin was (and still is!) and awesome awesome sleeper and I am afraid that it was partly because of how dark we kept his nursery. We have a light blocking pull down (ugly!) shade on the window now, which I plan to keep. We also have some pretty dark curtains as well, which keep the light out nicely. However, since my idea for the room is to keep it light and airy during times when the baby is awake, dark curtains wouldn't really achieve that goal. I like the look of sheers, but not the functionality - hence my indecisiveness.

    Two major things that are missing from this board are the wall hanging I bought many months ago and a painting we have in our house from our time in England that we plan to use. Both of these things tie in the "theme" of the room. I hesitate to call it a "theme" because the entire room doesn't revolve around it, but since there are more than a couple of items that do, I guess that is what it can be called. I'll have to snap some photos of the painting and wall hanging, but you can get an idea of what they might involve by looking at one of the prints in the inspiration board above.

    I think that's about it for my ideas. I plan to track our progress of getting both of the children's rooms ready on here, so stay tuned. We are hard at work trying to clean out Benjamin's new room, which is no easy task!

    2 Responses to “Nursery Inspirations”

    Heather Finnegan said...

    I smile-as we went with the very traditional, give them a nursery theme, and then when they get bigger give them a big person room. Probably because we did not find out the gender of our babies either time. So we have a "gender neutral" nursery, and Patrick's room is blue with fish for now. I love the board of colors and fabrics, you should have been an interior designer ;)

    Jenna said...

    LOVE IT! What is the name of the yellow paint? I am planning on painting Elizabeth's room a pale yellow. Also, for window treatments, you could try a lined panel from somewhere like Pottery barn kids and then do a lighter one (like a layered look). Check out the PBK catalog, they have some good ideas! I have a set for Jack's room and if I used them for black out they would work well but I just use them for "looks". For Elizabeth's room I plan on doing the layered look so I can have functional black out panels that are still light and airy. Make sense? I LOVE the colors!