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    Happy Belated Blogiversary!

    Tuesday, May 11, 2010

    I totally had planned on writing something special for our 5 year anniversary of starting this blog (5/5/05), but with all of the excitement going on around here, I forgot. Whoops!

    Five years ago I was 32 weeks pregnant with Benjamin and we posted some ultrasound photos we had done on May 5th as our first blog posting. Crazy. Here I am, five years later and 20 weeks pregnant with our second child.

    With Benjamin's birth we held the "Great Labor Debate" where friends and family guessed what day he would be born. We plan on doing that again and will begin to take bids here on the blog and by email after our next ultrasound on May 19th. Feel free to leave a comment or email us if you are just dying to share your prediction before then. Some stats to help you make your guess: my due date is September 25th, I was six days late with Benjamin and usually second children come earlier than first children.

    Mother's Day weekend was a delight. We tapped into some grandparent babysitting Friday night so Mike and I could celebrate our anniversary sans five year old. Thank you to Mike's parents. Saturday was spent bopping around St. Paul with Jennifer and Andy. We visited the farmer's market, Penzy's spices, and the Golden Fig, had lunch at Midtown Global Market and enjoyed dessert at Izzy's Ice Cream. It was great to spend a day with no plans, just doing whatever anyone wanted to do at any moment.

    Sunday morning Mike made cinnamon rolls and even picked up some fresh watermelon for me (my latest major craving). We spent most of the morning outside doing some much needed yard work. After lunch all three of us went to see a movie I've been looking forward to for a long time, Babies. It is a documentary that follows 4 babies from birth to about 18 months in San Francisco, Tokyo, Namibia and Mongolia. It was very cute and we all enjoyed it. Here is the very adorable preview:

    After the movie we capped off my special day and the lovely weekend with dinner at our favorite restaurant. It was wonderful!