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    September 29 25, 2010

    Monday, January 25, 2010

    YAY!  Due date is September 29!

    2 Responses to “September 29 25, 2010”

    AJ said...

    :D So Happy for the Familie Schmitt!!!

    Julie said...

    Hi Mike,
    I just wanted to say thank you for your words of wisdom on my question. The information that you provided will help me so much! I ran in the St. Paul winter carnival half and almost wanted to die after mile eleven. I did not use fuel but I was having issues with burning feet after mile seven. I have alot of work to do and clearly I need to be running more and at longer distances before I will see any improvement. I did post a race recap on my blog if you want to scroll down a few posts...I have some nice pictures.

    I love the movie The Spirit of a marathon and watched it on Hulu maybe six months ago. It is very inspirational and if you don't feel like going out and running a marathon after watching it something is clearly wrong:) Are you running in the Lace Up? I am registered and hopefully the weather will cooperate. My daughter actually has a B-ball tournament the weekend after Lace Up in Rochester...it never fails there is always a snow storm that weekend! I will check in on your blog and see if there are any race reports and new pictures of your new addition. I am a sucker for baby pictures! Have a great day Mike:)