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    Beginning a new year

    Saturday, January 02, 2010

    Christmas is over, the new year is here.

    In looking back at our 2009 Photo Collection, I realized that we've had quite the busy year. Early in 2009 Mike took a "plunge," we celebrated the weddings of Andy & Jennifer and Erin & Dennis, my Mom and I traveled to Hawaii for Kelly & Mike's wedding, Mike competed in his first triathlon, we both raced in the Amuzing Race again, Benjamin turned 4, started at a new school and trick-or-treated as a robot for Halloween. And of course, most importantly, we took a family roadtrip.

    The three of us have had the past week off of work and school and it is hard to believe we only have one day left of our vacation. I have a big week coming up at work this next week. I am coordinating a research symposium on Wednesday that I have been working on for about a year. Mike has many races scheduled for the year already and we've been throwing around ideas for at least one big vacation. Hopefully 2010 is a wonderful year for us -- and for all of you!!

    2 Responses to “Beginning a new year”

    Julie said...

    Hi there, this message is for Mike,
    You were so kind as to anwser my question about what to do with my running bibs....and you have run in a few half and full marathons. So, I was wondering if you would be so kind as to anwser another question? My first official half is the Lace Up on Feb. 14th...but I am unofficially possibly running in the St. Paul winter carnival's half. My question is....when would be a good time to take the gels or fuel? When I ran my 10 mile I had nothing but water. When I have run some of my 10 mile practice runs I have taken the gels but I feel ill after. I know that I will need something to give me the extra push needed for the half. Any suggestions or advice?

    By the way, cute pictures of the family:)

    Mike said...

    I'm happy to help Julie!

    I must confess I got the idea from a runner who was in the movie "Spirit of the Marathon". If you've never seen the movie I highly suggest you either rent it or watch it online at hulu - http://www.hulu.com/watch/85354/spirit-of-the-marathon and while you're at it check out Steve Prefontaine "Mr. Nike" - http://www.hulu.com/watch/105591/prefontaine

    I myself have run multiple half marathons and in 10 marathons including Chicago, Twin Cities and Boston. I also have coached quite a few clinics at our local Running Room in Rochester. I've learned a lot about myself and other runners during these clinics. The biggest thing I've learned coaching is that each person is different. Each of us run for different reasons and likewise our bodies work in different ways. We are all common human being but individuals in the end. The same can be said for the way our bodies physiology works. We are all the same yet different. Some people can eat or drink anything and everything while running while others can only consume water plus a little bit more to keep going. In your case, if you cannot digest gels during the run simply do not take them. There is a multitude of supplements you can probably ingest and feel good.

    To understand what the issue might be you need to analyze why you cannot ingest certain foods. Do they make you cramp? Are you bloated? Do you feel sick? Can you work through it? Do you really need them at all? Once you understand the cause you can supplement foods/nutrients that won't cause side effects.

    The number thing to remember about racing is that you never want to do something on race day that you have never done during a practice run. Don't wake up race day and eat a bagel and banana if you have never done so in the previous 16 weeks.

    Does your body need anything more than the Gatorade/Powerade during the run. Do you experience a "bonk" at mile 8 of a half marathon that you feel a gel/bar/supplement can help you overcome or is it mental? If you answered yes then you need something on the run to give you energy and piece of mind to keep going I suggest you try everyday household items. Such items can include graham cracker sticks, granola bars (I suggest Kashi), gummy bears, jelly beans, fruit roll-ups, fruit snacks. The a fore mentioned snacks all provide fast acting glycogen that will give you a burst to help you make the final stretch of the run happy and smiling.

    I hope this post helps and that you try different things during your practice runs to help propel you to fantastic finish in the end!

    Please let me know if you need more information or just wanna talk running - I'm always game :-)