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    Monday, August 11, 2008

    I came home from a run on Sunday and asked Benjamin to come outside and run with me. Here was our exchange:

    "Benjamin, do you want to come outside and run with daddy?"

    "No, I want to do my puzzle."

    "Please, I really want to run with you - you can do your puzzle when we get back."

    "Ummmmm....Sure" (said with a feeling of that he knows I'd like it if he did)

    "But dad - I can't run with you right now - I don't have my running clothes on" as he points to his cars shirt and shorts

    "All your clothes are running clothes"

    Upon hearing this news his eyes lit up and his face had the emotion of epiphany.
    He now knew he could run whenever he wanted because all of his clothes were running clothes.

    "Do you want to wear my special watch?"*


    "OK - here you go. Press this button when we start running and press it again when we stop"

    "OK daddy - let's go running"

    We ran from our house to the red fire hydrant and back again for a total of .31 miles. He was very proud of himself.

    "Dad, I want to do that again soon."


    *He liked my GPS watch so much that he wore it for the rest of the morning and even through lunch. However, he did inform me that he wouldn't wear it to bed.

    One Response to “PERFECT”

    Schmitt Family said...

    That was the "perfect" story! How cute is my nephew!