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    Familie Schmitt Goes Camping

    Sunday, August 17, 2008

    Familie Schmitt camping
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    Friday night for us was spent camping with our friends, Jen and Nate, at Lake Louise State Park in southern Minnesota. The park was very nice with many miles of hiking trails that we enjoyed. Once again, Benjamin was a trooper in an atmosphere that could be difficult for children of his age. He made Smores over the fire and was so excited to sleep in the tent that he went to bed early and slept all through the night. He awoke sleeping next to us in the tent with a big smile on his face, it was priceless.

    The night before Mike had a Rochester Track Club board meeting so Benjamin and I were left to entertain ourselves. We spent the night doing fun things with our digital camera which included taking silly pictures and videos and letting Benjamin have his chance as a photographer. The result is a bunch of funny pictures and hillarious videos which are either on flickr right now or will be very soon.

    A new funny from Benjamin....
    Mike and Benjamin were sitting on the living room couch watching the Olympics ("lypics," as Benjamin says). Mike pulled out some change from his pocket and Benjamin asked if he could have it. Mike said, "No! That's my coffee money!" Benjamin looked so taken aback and said "But Daddy - NO, that's MY milk money!!" Due to the absolute cuteness of his claim, Mike promptly forfitted the money.

    Oh, the things kids say!!