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    Jolly Old Soul

    Thursday, December 06, 2012

    Happy Saint Nicholas Day! The kids woke up to stuffed stockings this morning and our favorite small guy has returned: Ormint the elf. Get ready for some fun Elf on the Shelf mischief. We have some grand ideas for this year. Er, I mean, Ormint has ideas. ;-)

     Saint Nick Day 2012 Saint Nick Day 2012 Saint Nick Day 2012Saint Nick Day 2012 Saint Nick Day 2012

    Last night Benjamin's school hosted a parents' night for everyone with children in the two Elementary 1 classrooms. All of the children gave lessons to the parents on various things they're learning. The parents had work plans just like the students do on typical days and we had to go around and see four different lessons in the three subjects (cultural, language and math). Benjamin gave his lesson on the Clock of Eras. Despite being very nervous, he did so well and his particular lesson was very well attended - enough so that he proclaimed "I was FAMOUS!"
     Benjamin teaching the Clock of Eras