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    Monday, July 23, 2012

    Phew! It is hot out there - again. This heat brings on boredom and brings out the stir crazy in the kids even worse than winter does. I think it is because our bodies are clamoring to be outside, but our brains know better. We'll melt if we go out there. We've had some under 90 degree days here and there and have tried our best to take full advantage when we do.

    Ice Cream in the Backyard Ice Cream in the Backyard Ice Cream in the Backyard
    Benjamin is at the same summer program that he has been in for the past three years. They always put on a talent show and this year his classroom performed Sea Cruise. It was really cute:
    Benjamin performing at his summer program talent show
    This weekend our cousins, The Ryans, were in town and the kids (and adults!) had an awesome time together. Makenna is just three months older than Lucy and it was so cute to see them interact with each other.
    Makenna and Lucy Benjamin and Lucy The Ryan Family Cousins Makenna and Lucy Benjamin at the swim pond Dennis and Makenna at the swim pond