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    Life altering

    Wednesday, May 02, 2012

    This photography course I am taking is life-changing.  My photography is improving by leaps and bounds.  I am loving it.  There are still 5 weeks left to go. I am so excited to see how far I've come when it is done.  I wanted to post some photos that I worked on yesterday for this week's assignments in depth of field and aperture.  The goal with these photos was to use focus and blurring creatively. I started with trying to shoot Lucy while she colored with the chalk, which went well, but she lost interest pretty quickly.

    Chalk shoot for class

    Then I moved onto shooting some pictures of the chalk on the driveway because the kids were running around playing and wouldn't have been cooperative subjects.

    Chalk shoot for class

    While I was laying on the driveway with the chalk, Benjamin and Lucy were running around the neighbor's yard, so I shot a bit from on the ground. I was pretty happy with this one:


    Here are some more shots I took yesterday afternoon:

    Rambo girl Rambo Lucy sweeping outside Lucy Sweeping Lucy sweeping outside