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    What we've been up to lately

    Wednesday, February 08, 2012

    It has been a busy few weeks around here. Over the last few days of January and the first couple of February I took a trip to Houston with my friend Lora. I was her travel buddy, wheelchair pusher, freeloader and hotel room sharer over 6 days while she needed to visit the MD Anderson Cancer Center for a second opinion on her cancer treatment. The trip did not turn out to be terribly fruitful for her medical journey, but we did take some time to relax and explore the Houston area. The weather there was so beautiful, between about 62 to 70 degrees during our visit. We took one whole day to visit Hermann Park and the Houston Zoo when it was particularly beautiful.

      Elephant at Houston ZooLora and the giraffes at Houston Zoo Jessica and a giraffe at Houston Zoo
    Lora wasn't up for a long car ride, so I took the chance to get a little beach-time in by myself for a few hours one day. I drove to Galveston, which was such a cool place. I'm not sure I would say the same thing if it was peak season, so I enjoyed the empty beach even though it was a little chilly.
      Galveston Island BeachGalveston Island Beach Galveston Island Beach 
     This past Saturday Benjamin ran in his first race of the year, the TC Kids Marathon. He did the mile race (8 laps) in a group of first graders and although they didn't keep track we think he maybe came in third place. He ran hard and was so proud of himself.  He came by in a blur:
      Benjamin running the TC Kids MileBenjamin running the TC Kids Mile Proud Runner 
     Meanwhile, Mike has been working hard at ramping up his Ironman/triathlon season training. He had a blast staying home with the kids while I was away in Houston. The things he lets the kids get away with when I'm not there include this: 
      Lucy enjoying her oatmeal
    Lucy is now 16 months old. She is learning new words everyday and her recent favorite is "no." Boy did it seem cute when she first started saying it, but now she's using it to its full effect and I have to say the cuteness has faded a bit! She's been busy watching Sesame Street videos on my iPad and really enjoys this particular video: Tilly and the Wall. We are happy to see she has a taste for alternative music just like her Momma and Daddy!

    I've begun to ride my bike again for my work commute, despite wind chill temperature dipping below zero recently.  So far I have found that my choice in clothing has been quite suitable for this kind of weather and I don't find that I get cold at all.  I'm not sure what I'll do the next time it snows or rains though.  It is nice to know that I still have my Rondo as a backup!