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    Makenna is 1!

    Tuesday, July 12, 2011

    Momma and Makenna
    We traveled over to Milwaukee this weekend to attend Makenna's first birthday party. It was so fun to see my family and it was a beautiful day for the party.

    I think Makenna enjoyed her cupcake!
    Makenna enjoying her cupcake

    Lucy and Benjamin had fun seeing their Great Aunts, Great Uncles and even Great Grandma.
    Lucy and Great Uncle Terry
    Great Grandma, Great Aunt Mary and Lucy

    After the party wrapped up and we spent some time relaxing at the hotel, we headed over to Erin and Dennis's house for dinner and some play time. The kids all get along so well. Makenna was so pleased to have Lucy there to hug and wrestle and Benjamin enjoyed reading books to Kelsey and also getting some hugs from Makenna.
    Lucy and Makenna
    Benjamin reading to Kelsey
    Makenna giving Benjamin a hug

    The next day we all met up at the Milwaukee Public Museum, which was a great place to let the kids explore. It is a natural science and history museum and is full of dinosaurs, bugs, creepy mannequins and historical scenes.
    Benjamin at Milwaukee Public Museum

    We parked Makenna's stroller next to Lucy's stroller and they were so cute - they held hands! Makenna is such a sweet girl, she is always smiling and giving hugs -- even to strangers!
    Lucy and Makenna held hands

    They had a little display of bugs that you could touch and hold. Benjamin was very brave and held a couple of them. His favorite was the stick bug, which enjoyed Benjamin's arm.
    Benjamin and the stick bug

    For lunch we stopped by the Milwaukee Public Market for a variety of different lunch options. We had everything from Greek food to Hawaiian food to Indian food to Mexican food! It was a tasty lunch!! Kelsey topped off her lunch with a giant cone.
    Kelsey and her HUGE cone

    Both Benjamin and Lucy were great in the car both on the way to Milwaukee and back home.  We were considering this trip as a kind of test-run for our big vacation to Colorado.  We have loads of car toys and activity books packed up for the kids.  We are attempting our very first ever overnight drive for this trip, so it is bound to be an adventure!!  When we return, we will undoubtedly have lots of photos and stories to share...

    One Response to “Makenna is 1!”

    stevenjared0853 said...

    Aww! Happy birthday to the little one. She looks so much like my niece. I am so glad I came across such a happy post. I am missing my niece a lot. I met her last year on her birthday that was in one of the event venues Chicago.