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    Week 19 + Happy Valentine's Day

    Monday, February 14, 2011

    Week 19

    It is really hard to believe that Lucy is 19 weeks old! She is so vocal lately, it is hilarious. She talks, yells and makes all kinds of wonderful baby noises. Her relationship with Benjamin is growing everyday. He loves to make her smile and laugh. She loves to watch him whenever he is near her. Lucy is really doing well with her tummy time. She kicks her legs and tries to flip herself over, but just can't seem to get up the momentum. I know she can do it, she's done it before, but she needs more practice. Her hands and fingers are always in her mouth in one way or another. Sometimes it is her entire fist and other times just a finger:

    Loves those fingers!

    One Response to “Week 19 + Happy Valentine's Day”

    TripleChocolateCake said...

    Look at that sweet, happy face and those BEAUTIFUL blue eyes! She's so gorgeous!